Lofendi Georges (Low-fin-dee)

From: Montagne TerribeLofendi 3
Age: 13
Birthday: January 2
Grade: 3
Sponsored: No

Lofendi has been in our children’s home for almost two years, although she is no stranger to us. Her family has been a part of the Mountain Faith Mission family for many years. Her parents remain in Montagne Terribe where they farm. She has two sisters and two brothers. Her oldest sister, Kena, lived in the children’s home until she has now relocated to Port-au-Prince for school. Her brothers Jodalma and Jenearry are still in the home, along with her little sister Fanise. Her family has also taken in a young girl whose parents died.

Lofendi’s smile is the first thing you’ll notice. She will cuddle up next to you, smiling the entire time. Her sweet disposition draws you in.