Julie Phariscat (Joo-lee)

From: MirebalaisJulie
Age: 9
Birthday: N/A
Grade: 2
Sponsored: No

Julie is a second generation member of Mountain Faith Mission. Her father, Ti-Luke, grew up in the children’s home. Prior to the earthquake, the family was living in Port-au-Prince, but because of the disaster, they were forced out of the city and turned back to the place that Luke knew well – Mountain Faith Mission.

Julie and her siblings live in the children’s home because their parents struggle in finding work. Luke and TiEnnis both live near the home and frequently spend time with their children. In fact, when labor projects are being done, you will definitely find Luke working hard for the mission.

Julie is quiet and has a tendency to just blend in due to her quiet personality. But, if you can connect with her, she will nuzzle up to you to spend all available time with you. She is one of five children. Her older sister Loudenise oversees one of the rooms in the girl’s dorm, as well as sisters Chilove and Nana who simply play cute all day long. Their brother Kendy lives with the boys.