Medical Clinic

Klinik Medikal (Medical Clinic)

In 2001, Dr. Charles Rinjour, pastor of the church at Laboul, had a vision for the village.  He wanted to establish a medical clinic where he would be able to treat those who are sick.  It was too far to get medical attention in Saut d’Eau or Mirebalais, as Laboul and the outlying areas were only accessible by walking.  Thus, the vision began and Dr.  Charles came in contact with Kenneth Akers.  After sharing his vision, Kenneth returned the to US and began to raise support for Dr.  Charles’s vision of a medical clinic.  Before long, the clinic had enough money and was built.

Today, Dr.  Charles is able to treat many people who are sick, which helps not just the community, but builds credibility for the mission.  Also, if you would like to donate medical supplies to Mountain Faith Mission to be used in the medical clinic, please email Kenneth Akers with information.